Our Concertina wire is present on 5 continents.

Thousands of clients have entrusted us their security and we work to continue to do so. The quality of our products of passive safety, particularly the razor wire, is recognized in many countries of the five continents.

The European market, principally in countries as Spain, France, United Kingdom and Germany just as in South America, or North Africa are demanding quality and safety that give our products. Our main mission as the only one European manufacturer is to continue bringing security and peace all over the world.


Country Continent
Spain Europe
France Europe
Italy Europe
Germany Europe
Portugal Europe
United Kingdom Europe
Finland Europe
Hungary Europe
The Czech Republic Europe
Cyprus Europe
Austria Europe
Belgium Europe
Netherlands Europe
Romania Europe
Poland Europe
Sweden Europe
French Guiana America
Chile America
Peru America
United Arab Emirates Asia
Kuwait Asia
The Republic of Lebanon Asia
Turkey Asia
Oman Asia
Morocco Africa
Tunisia Africa
Nigeria Africa
Sudan Africa
Algelia Africa
Mauritius Africa
French Polynesia Oceania