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Anti-Climb Rotator Spikes

The Anti-Climb Rotator Spikes has been designed as passive safety element with the unique feature of being a device sharply pointed rotary segments preventing the passage any person outside the protected area.

The main feature of the Anti-Climb Rotator Spikes, it is the instability that occurs when attempting to overshooting, because it does not have any stable point of support, the segments that sharp has exercised a rotary action that prevents the stability.

The Anti-Climb Rotator Spikes is formed for a hollow tube of 60 mm, this is composed of individual pieces that contain by welding triangular sharps.

Our Anti-Climb Rotator Spikes can be installed in both vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Technical Specification

  • Made in stainless and galvanized steel
  • Does not allow the fulcrum, as a rotating member and formed by sharp parts, there is no possibility for overshooting support.
  • No maintenance required
  • high Average of life
  • Highly deterrent, thus preventing the intrusion of outsiders property
  • High resistance to severe environmental conditions



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