Important: Before installing concertina rolls, always use work gloves to protect your hands. Gloves with reinforced palms are ideal to help protect your hands when catching the concertina wire.



Determine the number of rolls used in each stage or section of fencing,, this depends on the type of razor wireis elected, as each roll can reach from 8 to 15 feet away, is an item must consider very important.



Place on rolls of razor wire fence, holding the initial post at the bottom and top..


After placing the roll on the pole razor wire where to install, it is necessary to set the upper and lower pole clamp, so as to be subject to the concertina.


Once the razor wire subject to the post, the next step will tighten the upper wire (at this point can be placedbarbed wire o concertina CT 10 o concertina CT 22)  and that these remain positioned horizontally and parallel to the base of the fence,, using the wire tensioner. Once done, then repeat with the remaining wires.


Once tensioned wires, and using these as clamping the razor wire, you must distribute rolls concertina at a distance of 6 to 10 meters apart


Distributed razor wire rolls, hold the tip beginning of the roll between the clamp and the barbed wire..


Once at this point, distribute the razor wire every 25 cm,, once a roll has come to an end, you must hold the tail end of the first roll with the point of beginning of the second, so that there is no space of perimeter uncovered, this is important, because it can be an easy point of exceeding our fence and our installation will not be helped.


With razor wire rolls distributed along the fence. To be absolutely still and no movement is occurring,we hold the concertina fence around every 3 spiral

This step is recommended to use galvanized wire, as it is more manageable and durability is much higher.

After these 8 simple steps We have installed our razor wire fencing !!

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