European Security Fencing

European Security Fencing: European Security Fencing (ESF) founded in 2003 and located in Cártama (Malaga) is the only Spanish company and manufacturer of European type razor wire , belonging to the corporate group Mora Salazar, founded in 1975 as a company dedicated to the sector of manufacturing and installation of fences

ESF currently offers a wide range of passive safety elements composed of razor wire and razor wire electrified, rapid deployment of razor wire, Rotating Anti-Climb and accessories for installation of concertina wire

Our experience of more than 10 years and the use of latest technology allow us to guarantee our customers the best performance of all products.

Headquartered in Malaga and one delegation Berlin (Germany), with a growing export, we have achieved a global presence of our products in over 20 countries around the world, being a leading company in Europe in the manufacture and installation razor wire.

The company has opted for the use of raw materials of first quality, the implementation of new technologies to production processes and working with machinery specially designed for each stage of development of the product, has led to ESF to be a leading company in the sector of passive safety.

Through constant investment in I+D and of the work done by the engineers and technicians who form the human team of ESF, all projects go forward, which become pioneering developments in the sector of passive safety.

ESF has been driven inside and outside of our borders under the condition to provide a quality service which encompasses the manufacture of the product, the marketing and installation, by own qualified staff, and the advice to the client during all phases of the project.

Our Corporate Philosophy

The mission, vision and values of European Security Fencing are directed to carry out the implementation of the strategic objectives of the Group Mora Salazar and therefore consolidate our position as a leader in the market of the passive safety, with the only prospect of benefit and to satisfy our customers.

  • to be a multinational company responsible, efficient and competitive, committed to safety and the environment.
  • A dynamic company, efficient and ready to compete globally.
  • To serve the markets and exceed the expectations of customers through high quality products.
  • Contribute to the formation and development of our employees.
  • People: we act with professionalism, loyalty and respect for the people.
  • Security: we are committed to the job security, trying to inculcate a culture of prevention.
  • Teamwork: Pursuing a common goal, we encourage the participation of all information sharing.
  • Client focus: Focusing our efforts on clients satisfaction.
  • Innovation: we conduct studies and promote continuous improvement to achieve the highest quality.
  • Orientation to results: we work to achieve the objectives of the business project.

Our Results

75% of our total sales volume is international
90% of sales and installation of concertina in Spain is carried out by European Security Fencing
100% of our clients return to trust us


Our Clients

For European Security Fencing, the confidence of our clients is a value bet, a guarantee of quality for the company.

We are grateful for the confidence which give us during our path, a support that has allowed us to be an established company, and with great projection of future in the sector of passive safety.