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Barbed wire

The barbed wire are indicated to close and protect farms and are a perfect complement to reinforce the security of industrial or military zones.

Moreover, the barbed wire is an extra supplement to increase safety in the installation of joinery concertinas.

Our razor wire is made from the best raw materials, as in this case steel. It is characterized by a tensile strength of 400kg/m2


Technical Specifications

Galvanized Barbed Wire

Type Ø  Wire Ø  Barbed Distance between barbed Coils
D 173 1,70 mm 1,40 mm 8 cm 100
D 174 1,70 mm 1,40 mm 10 cm 100
D 176 1,70 mm 1,40 mm 15 cm 250
D 166 1,60 mm 1,40 mm 15 cm 250




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